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Membership in the American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) is annual. All memberships expire December 31st each year; ABVE does not pro-rate dues.

All members join as an Association prior to working toward certification. Certification conveys to referral sources and peers that one has attained the specific level of expertise, knowledge, and skills necessary to meet the demanding needs of your profession. This can mean expanded job opportunities and higher earnings. Along with these important benefits come the pride and satisfaction of being among one of the best in the profession, and the knowledge that one has achieved recognition of one’s professional experience in the multidisciplinary field of vocational forensics.

Benefits | Code of Ethics Membership Types 


ABVE is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information and its educational programs enable one to stay in touch with the most up-to-date information in the field. ABVE provides tools, a professional network and resources one needs for the enhancement and acceleration of professional growth and practice.

ABVE Directory

The ABVE Directory is a valuable resource. The online member directory is available to law offices for reference and referral and provides a means for one to build a professional network and expand business. The directory is available on the official ABVE website.

ABVE Publications

ABVE supports two professional publications – a peer-reviewed journal and a newsletter. In addition, ABVE maintains a web-based library inclusive of a membership directory and various sources of information for its members and others who are interested in the work in which members of ABVE are engaged. 

ABVE Conferences

ABVE holds an annual conference each year and is typically at the end of March/early April. The ABVE certification examination is administered in conjunction with each conference and is also offered prior to each conference is a Knowledge Enhancement Seminar on Thursday morning. Learn about the 2024 Conference.

ABVE Mentorship Program (coming soon!)

The ABVE Mentorship program provides those seeking, to either establish themselves or advance their skills as a Vocational Expert, with an individual who is established in the industry, and is willing to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom.


The American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) requires each member of the organization to ascribe to and affirm the tenants of the organization’s Code of Ethics while engaged in forensic based activity, and area also required to renew this allegiance at the beginning of each membership renewal cycle. View the Code of Ethics here. 

Information on filing a complaint can be found here.


ABVE is the ONLY credentialing process in the nation to evaluate and establish competency of vocational expertsAssociate membership is required before applying to be certified as a Fellow or Diplomate. This membership is also available for individuals who do not otherwise qualify or choose not to seek ABVE certification but desire to be part of the organization. Those seeking certification will then need to follow the required qualifications and steps to certification.

FELLOW (ABVE/F) ($80 Certification Fee + $195 Annual Membership) 

Status requires three (3) years of documented experience in assessment of vocational capacity and vocational expert forensics in addition to the requirements listed above. Learn more here.

DIPLOMATE (ABVE/D) ($80 Certification Fee + $195 Annual Membership) 

Status requires seven (7) years of documented experience in the area of assessment of vocational capacity and vocational expert opinion and demonstration of distinguished performance or recognition as a vocational expert, in addition to the above requirements. This might include the following: published works; leadership position in a professional organization; presentation of papers at professional organization; presentation of papers at professional seminars; and/or sitting on study groups or legislative committees to enhance the professionalism of an organizationLearn more here.


Status requires a Master’s or Doctorate degree in in Psychology (MA, MS, M.Ed.), School Psychology, Rehabilitation,  Social Work, Therapy/Family Therapy/Counseling, Education, or other Health Related Field from an accredited institution.  Applicant will have documented specific education courses and equivalents such as Tests & Measurements, Ethics, Assessment/Evaluation, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Multicultural/Ethnic Perspectives, Specialized Psychometric Training and Theories.  Applicant will have specific experience in testing domains recognized in the Psychometric Industry such as Academic, Achievement, personality/Behavioral Health, Intelligence/Cognitive, Career/Vocational, Neuropsychology, Forensic, Speech Language, Work Evaluation/Work Capacity, Pain/Medical and Research. This level of membership in ABVE shall require demonstrated testing experience. Learn more here.

ASSOCIATE ($195 Annual Fee) 

Membership is for individuals who do not otherwise qualify or choose not to seek the ABVE Certification process but who demonstrate a high interest in the mission of ABVE. Individuals may directly apply for Associate Membership to ABVE if they do not intend to become Board Certified as either Fellow or Diplomate levels but desire to be a part of the organization.

*Note: The ABVE Associate Membership is not a certification, and may not be displayed as a credential after your name. Appropriate citation would be “member of ABVE” within a resume or CV.

STUDENT ($60 Annual Fee) 

Membership is to accord individuals attending graduate school, private training programs and other educational phases in the Human Service fields which specialize in vocational rehabilitation, psychology, vocational counseling, and other related fields. Members in this category receive the Student Rate at ABVE Conferences, a certificate of membership, the ABVE Newsletter and may serve on ABVE Committee.

ACTIVE EMERITUS ($92 Annual Fee) 

Membership is for formerly certified individuals who are now fully retired. If you wish to switch to Emeritus, please contact us at [email protected] or (919) 926-3265 and we can make the change in status.